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The western-backed terrorist regime of Enver Hoxha

by Kukes Post
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The western-backed terrorist regime of Enver Hoxha, apart from isolating Albania for five decades, forcing people to be all members of intelligence service, banning religion, changing culture, killing the elite, stealing the land and property of Albanians, this terrorist regime organized a massive rape as part of its political objectives.

The western-backed terrorist regime of Enver Hoxha hated Albanians.

For any regime that turns the population into members of intelligence service and spies forcibly, raping is a necessary mechanism to keep people under control. To reiterate: it is necessary.

That’s why the western corrupt and oppressive regimes want to “liberate” Muslim women in the Middle East; that’s why the West cares so much about women’s rights because the West requires access; the corrupt West wants to control. We Albanians have already been destroyed by the corrupt West, more particularly, by the Oppressive British Empire – the enemy of civilizations.

Albanian territories were occupied by the Looting British Empire in 1912. The result was as we all know. The terrorist regime of Enver Hoxha was put in power by the British Empire and supported by the same oppressive empire.

The terrorist regime of Enver Hoxha has done to the Albanian population as any other occupying regime would have done because it was an occupying regime, which represented the British Empire. Nothing happened by chance.

However, we Albanians are resilient enough to recover and understand who the enemy is.

This is the answer to the question of why Albania for thirty years has not been allowed to join the EU because, according to the plan of the British Empire of 1912, Albanian people should be raped, should be oppressed, should be humiliated. But, we Albanians soon will teach the corrupt Europe that we don’t need the enemies of civilizations in order to prosper. In fact, the US Government, the Looting British Empire, and the EU are the obstacle to the prosperity of Albania, to the prosperity of any nation, for that matter.

Sabri Lushi

Raping of a woman by a high official

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