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The Government of Albania, which in the hierarchy of political power falls directly under the US State Department, has passed a law which makes it difficult for Albanian children born abroad to obtain the Albanian citizenship.

This shows once again the agenda of this anti-Albanian government for ethnic cleansing and encouraging people to abandon their own country. This is a blatant form of occupation and oppression. Albanian children are not allowed to obtain the Albanian citizenship. This is preposterous.

Considering that our laws are written by and our judges are appointed by the US State Department, there is no point to accuse the Albanian Government for anti-national policies. I point the finger at one entity for this genocidal policy, that is, the US State Department, which is responsible for all corruption and oppression in Albania. If the Albanian Government represents the Albanian people and works for them, why then this genocidal law, which practically bans children from obtaining their native citizenship.

Some might argue that the US Government is our strategic ally. The reality speaks for itself. With such allies who needs enemies. Allies do not impose genocidal laws; they do not support terrorists in politics; they do not control judges and write laws and support ethnic cleansing. The US Government is not the ally of the Albanian people; in fact, it is a close ally to the corrupt politicians, to immoral judges, to criminals and terrorists of politics, to spies and agents. Lay people have no ally. They are the target, indeed.

By the way, I’ve always wondered why the US companies have the monopoly on digital court records everywhere. Could this be because the US monitors all the courts around the world? Technically, yes. Therefore, the whole concept of judicial independence in the world is a joke.

Sabri Lushi

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