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According to some news outlets in Albania, the Prime Minister claims to have discovered oil in Albania in the amounts that could solve not only the gas prices in Albania, but for Europe, too, even though the man is very discreet with numbers at the moment.

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While the PM seems to have ‘discovered’ something in Albania, he clearly has confused petroleum with water. Indeed, Albania is rich in water resources, suitable for hydropower. Albania is massively rich in hydropower, not only to satisfy the domestic consumption, but capable of exporting it to the European countries, as it has done for decades.

Even though our country has hundreds of hydropower plants, including the three gigantic ones on the Drin River, Fierza, Komani and Vau i Dejes, this sector remains problematic. It lacks transparency as well as people, especially the residents of the northeast region, are unaware of the fact that hydropower is highly profitable, the cheapest form of energy to produce, and that it generates millions of dollars each and every day.

Ironically, every time the hydropower becomes the focus of common residents, or when they organize petitions and rallies addressing this sector, the Prime Minister of Albania either ‘discovers’ massive reserves of oil – which most probably it is non existent in Albania, or the man speaks of special minerals in Albanian mountains, or he even wears a formal suit, nice tie and white sneakers – as a distraction.

The Prime Minister of Albania, the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, the US Government, the EU, the CIA, and the British Empire know very well that Albania is rich in water – very, very rich. Albania is not rich in oil, or at least we cannot verify it. However, everyone in Albania can see that we have abundant water resources and wonderful mountainous terrain, perfect for hydropower plants.

Albania is blessed with water. Albania is blessed with hydropower. Albania is blessed with energy. The only problem is that our energy is stolen. It’s exported to the European countries, the same countries that show us the middle finger every year when discussing the future of Albania in EU.

Our problem is the US Government that steals our energy. The American greed reaps each and every day millions of dollars while Albanians struggle to make ends meet. This is the irony of life.

The Prime Minister of Albania, who is not our prime minister; rather, he is a CIA spy, whose job is to protect the American interests in Albania. He acts exactly like a CIA viceroy, otherwise I cannot explain his shame, lying about oil reserves while Albania is extremely rich in water resources.

The battle is difficult. America is not in Albania for no reason. It is because of our water and the millions of dollars that it generates every day. So, we are dealing with a strong military and propaganda machine. Nevertheless, we have to fight for our energy. Indeed, God helps those whose rights are violated.

Sabri Lushi

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