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In 1913, the Conference of Ambassadors in London – the Capital of the British Empire, determined the future of the country known as Albania, which, as a result of this conference, consists of an area of 28,748 km2 – one of the smallest countries in the world, raking as 140th. The British Empire and the US Government claim that Albania, regardless of its small territory, was saved by them, so we should be grateful.

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Let’s supposed for the sake of argument that they ‘saved’ Albania. However, the inevitable question is that which Albania did they save? Eleven decades from that conference are sufficient to allow us answer this question.

The British Empire and the USA saved an Albania which was home to one category of people: atheists, and probably Christians. As for the Muslims, who were 70% percent of the population, it was not. They were persecuted, killed, murdered, and forced into exile such as the famous family of the great Muslim scholar, Muhamed Nasirudin Albani, who immigrated in 1928 from Shkodra to Syria. So, more than half of the Albanian indigenous population found themselves as foreigners in 1913. This is what the British saved.

The British Empire and the USA saved an Albania that was about to be ruled by criminals, terrorists, traitors, thieves, spies, and agents, such as Fan Noli, Ahmed Zogu, Enver Hoxha, Mehmet Shehu and those after them to this very day. Without exception, those were western agents. What they did to Albanians, especially to Muslims, no other enemy would have done worse.

They saved an Albania that promotes only corrupt people and allows to succeed only agents and spies. In Albania, schools, universities and businesses are not liberalized. While all children are forced to attend the governmental schools for brainwashing and waste of time purposes, only few are de facto allowed to succeed. For example, as a student of the University of Tirana myself, I’ve seen first hand how systemic and horrible the discrimination is. Everything is done underground. Albanians are not equal.

They’ve saved an Albania whose natural resources and the land are not exploited by the Albanian people. Albania has a chaotic and very unjust property law. Every single government has promised to address this issue, but none of them has made any change. As an Albanian, for instance, I have no property, no real estate, no business, no option to live or find a job as the intelligence service and the abusive laws make it impossible unless one shows full subservience to the state.

The USA and the British Empire have saved an Albania which serves only them, not the majority of Albanians. They’ve saved an Albania which today is poor, chaotic, with abusive laws, and with a society torn apart. They’ve saved an Albania whose energy is stolen, an Albania that can be defined as the country of spies and agents, not free people.

Thank you but no thank you to the USA and the British Empire. You’ve destroyed our country.

Sabri Lushi

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