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The British Empire

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The most interesting part of the British Empire is its survival strategy, a strategy of real genius. It is the same British secularism – a materialist, pragmatist and atheist ideology, but it appears in different faces. It appears as democracy, communism, or socialism. It uses fragmentation in order to disguise itself – countries, political parties, political unions, blocs, military organizations. It appears either as something of the past, which has fallen or ended, such as the end of colonialism or the fall of regimes, or it gives the impression that its true power is yet to come; in any case, the British Empire appears as non-existent at present while its presence is the elephant in the room all the time. It is an empire that relies on secrecy, informality, espionage and magic – the distortion of reality and the manipulation of minds. It hypnotizes people. It utilizes a new form of speech as a means of its propaganda – by changing the meaning of words. The essence of its discourse is ambiguity. It has created one of the most centralized forms of power, yet it has managed to sell to the public a chaos. The presence of government is everywhere, yet people think it is barely existent. People vote again and again, and elections are held regularly, while in reality everything has been decided behind the scenes; it’s a mockery and a foolish theater. Its power is more consolidated than ever, yet it appears weak and in retreat; hence, Brexit. Sometimes it demonstrates itself as powerful and ruling with an iron fist, yet it has established the abstract concept of power: republics, where citizens are allegiant to a flag instead of a person, which is the best way of fooling people and mocking them. Indeed, the British Empire is one of its kind and unique. It is the empire of new speech, magic, propaganda, lies, and deception – perhaps a deception that humanity has never seen. Above all, it is an empire that has clearly positioned itself as an enemy of God – the Creator; this is conspicuous and probably the most noticeable trait.

Sabri Lushi

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