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When it comes to nature and its mechanisms that keep life on earth so vibrant, changing, growing, and beautiful we all identify competition as a major factor. Indeed, competition has been a driving force for human civilization to develop, grow, overcome difficulties and never yielding. Competition was a major reason which led us to new discoveries and inventions. The competition was a driving force for unifying people and standing together against the enemy.

Unfortunately, it is exactly competition that the world is lacking today. For the first time in human history, the world is ruled by one power and by one central government, whether we like to call them the British Empire and the United Nations or not, but this is the reality.

The world is lacking competition. Instead, the ruling Empire, i.e., the British Empire, has created a theatrical form of competition in order to prevent the real one. The British Empire has no real enemy. Russia and China are simply administrative units within the Empire. Their political and economic systems, political ideology and even laws are imposed by the British Empire. This is not a secret.

This lack of competition is choking and corrupting the world. The political games between Russia, America, China, NATO, and BRICS, are theatrical and fake.

The reason why we see so much corruption in the world and why societies are falling apart, including the West, is, among many other reasons, the lack of competition. This is evident.

A real and genuine competition would make the world a better place for all. The world needs a new rising power, a real and genuine alternative, a real and a genuine power that genuinely fights to expand itself, and in that competition the West, the East and Muslims will benefit equally. However, this cannot be replaced by fake wars, such as the Ukrainian war, by fake political rhetoric such as between USA and China, or theatrical blocs such as BRICS.

No! This is not the way to go.

At the same time, we should know that competition never appears as a choice, or as an act of grace, leniency or generosity of the enemy. Competition cannot rise as the result of a political decision of America. Competition should and must be used as a necessary mechanism of survival and as a resisting force against a strong and implacable enemy, such as the British Empire and the US Government.

In my view, the only community that has the ideological and the psychological reason, as well as the ideological tools, to bring an alternative to the world and give rise to a real competition, which will benefit friends and foes alike, is none other than Islam. Islam is a never dying force, which does not need to be activated in order to function, but people need simply to activate themselves by embracing and employing this never dying force in order to bring a genuine alternative to the world which is dominated by one power.

Sabri Lushi

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