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When I speak about the British Rule, I know exactly what people think of. By a British rule, they think of British soldiers and police officers patrolling our streets, British flags on governmental buildings and law courts, and people speaking the English as an official language or lingua franca. Well, this is not the case, nor does it need to be this way, even though quite often the British, American and Canadian soldiers patrol the streets of many nations and the English language is the world’s lingua franca.

Nevertheless, we have to understand what power is and how it is demonstrated. Power and occupation do not necessarily mean to see bombs, tanks, and soldiers. This could be the case, as it happens frequently in Muslim countries, but it is not necessary. Military intervention is used only to establish the power, but not to maintain it, because that’s too expensive.

On the contrary, power consists of laws, legal procedures, courts, rules, regulations, the way we live our lives and conduct ourselves. Power consists of the economic and educational system. Power is the lenses through which we see the world. Power is the control of the natural resources and economic monopolies. Power is the media and the thought control of people. Flags, military uniforms and royal ceremonies give us a very shallow meaning of power, often for explaining it to K1 children.

Therefore, even though the British Rule keeps a very low political profile, with a royal family appearing as symbolic and holding a titular position – supposedly away from politics, with the country of UK making the victim quite often, and a US Government which acts as a mischievous child, and a puppet Russia which was founded by the British Empire, the truth of the matter is that the British control the whole world. Whether we like it or not, they hold the power with an iron fist.

The British Rule has formed the countries and controls the local or national governments. It makes laws and regulations. It appoints judges worldwide. It imposes its economic, educational and political system. It controls the worldwide media. It controls the world’s military and intelligence service.

Laws, which are written and imposed by the British, control our lives, businesses, our freedom, families, money, our ability to move, lands and agriculture, and our resources. The essence of power is laws, and that’s exactly what the British Rule has. No need for flags and ceremonies at this stage. We live a life controlled by the British laws, which are merely ratified by our local puppet parliaments.

The British Rule is all around us, not simply through puppet rulers and useless parliaments. It does not have to be manifested through flags and ceremonies. We are controlled by British laws and legal system, that are implemented by British agents and puppets. The British Rule is probably unique in all human history in terms of its control and power.

Sabri Lushi

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