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When I was dealing with the Canadian corrupt courts of law back in 2019, it was the best and the most precious experience of my life. I learned lessons that otherwise I couldn’t. It is one of those times when clearly you think, “I wish and I plan, but God’s plans are the best.”

When I landed in Canada in 2015 and I became a permanent resident, three days after it became clear to me why I was even allowed to enter the country. There were two choices in front of me, prison for political reasons or live as in exile. Therefore, the corruption of the Canadian judges didn’t surprise me at all. It was a battle that I was waiting for. Yes, I did not expect a system to be totally corrupt, controlled by politics and which functions as a mafia. Interestingly enough, as soon as I became a Canadian citizen, the Government started the battle, as if they thought that the supposed enthusiasm would make me happy to accept the verdict of judges.

None of these surprised me. What shocked me, however, was Muslims. When I started to expose the Canadian judges that they were acting on political orders, that the Government of Canada was behind all such games, where judges are spies and agents of the Government, it was Muslims who were being used against me.

There were Muslims who would tell me straightaway, ” the Canadian judges are good,” without asking what the problem was. Other from different countries would call me. Imams in the mosques would talk about the same topic wherever I would go. Relatives would call me and distract me. Even people from overseas would reach out to me all of a sudden, asking if I need a job or something like this. Technically they had no idea what I was going through. Their job was simply to distract me and not focus on my battle against the Canadian judges – a battle of survival.

When I analyzed all those Muslims that were used to distract me, who were from different countries, including the Middle East, I started to look for patterns. Generally speaking, they had a job or they were given a job recently, or they had been given a visa to the West – the UK, Canada and the USA, or they were given a business license, or a university admission, or they had a religion or political position. The spies were not ordinary people.

Here is the rule. It seems that the British Empire has been working for over two centuries to achieve this. It seems that the British Rule controls all the jobs, businesses, universities, lands, trade market, food production. In other words, all the means of living. Whoever chooses to live, they have to primarily work as spies of the state and accept to be used against other Muslims whenever the regime needs them.

In my view, this is one of the major mechanisms that the British use to keep under occupation the vast community of Muslims, from Morocco to Indonesia. This mechanism works as long as people have no religious values. That’s why Islam itself is under attack.

Sabri Lushi

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