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While the improvement of the macro politics is closely related to the improvement of the grass roots and the moral and social condition of the society, the understanding of many problems of the grass roots, in my view, is related to the understanding of the macro politics or the big picture. In other words, it is true that people get the government they deserve, but in order to understand why people deserve that it is necessary to look at the big picture.

Likewise, in order to shed light on the war against Muslims by the British Secularism, which is the political ideology of the British Monarchy, it is necessary to look at the big picture rather than at the condition of Muslims as individuals.

Strategically, Muslims have been thrown by the British Empire into some sixty states, and each of which has its specifics. The policies and political agendas that it applies to one country are different from those of another one. For example, the plan that the British Empire had for Turkey is different from that for Syria, or the way it treats some Muslims is different from the way it treats others. Therefore, if we look at the situation of Muslims and their countries is not easy to come up with a convincing conclusion, that there is a war against all Muslims because we notice differences and contrasts.

The British Empire is not an ordinary one. We live in the time of advanced science and massive logistical means. So, it is not stupid to attack all Muslims uniformly and at once because this makes its war against Islam conspicuous and clear.

In addition, not only has the British Empire divided Muslims, but also it has camouflaged its identity. In Iraq it used the USA and the UK to hit Muslims, in Afghanistan it used the USSR, in Syria it used its major puppet, i.e., Russia, in Libya it employed NATO, in Bosnia it employed Milosevic, in Albania it authorized Enver Hoxha, and in each case there is supposedly a specific reason of killing and oppressing Muslims. It is the empire of one thousand and one faces and identities.

Nevertheless, if we look carefully at the big picture, as well as bring into the equation the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the rise of the British Empire and its absolute dominance of the 20th and the 21st centuries, the British Monarchy, the British Secularism, and Islam, we will notice that the big confusion will be cleared up and things will appear much simpler than they seem.

Once the political confusion is cleared up, it is not hard to notice that the British Empire, whose political ideology is the British Secularism and which is ruled by the British Monarchy, has declared a war against Islam and it is its lifetime mission to wipe it out. This means that every individual who identifies himself or herself as Muslim is subject of a declared war against him or her by the British Monarchy and its political entities around the world. This is simply a fact.

Sabri Lushi

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