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I am sure that we all are aware of the famous public speech of the American civil rights activist and Baptist Martin Luther King Jr. with the refrain, “I have a dream,” which has become an inspiration for everyone who is looking for changes and social justice. “I have a dream” is an expression which originates from a broader American peculiarity, known as the American dream – the ethos of the clown republic of the United States of America.

As the US Republic was a deception for the world with its fake political model, a model that to this very day continues to exist de facto under the British Monarchy, the propaganda of Martin Luther King Jr. was as deceptive and misleading as his own name, for he was born as Michael King Jr., but later his father adopted for himself and his son the name of the German Protestant priest Martin Luther (1483 –1546). Martin Luther King Jr. appeared as a lie and propagandist to the American people by holding not his own name, but the name of a famous historical figure.

It is not dreams which change nations. Dreams that we see while we’re sleeping are important, which could serve as a warning of something that might take place in the future, or as a symptom of our psychological condition, but our future cannot be built on dreams. Civilizations did not rise because of dreams, but because of ideas.

The world is in need of ideas. That’s the most powerful weapon we possess, which governments are trying to confiscate it from us. We have ideas. No one can stop us from having ideas and coming up with ideas.

America was started as a dream and it will come to an end as a dream. That’s why it is the country which continues to exist not in spite of lies, but because of lies. America is the country of propaganda, deception, lies, of a political model that to this very day we don’t know how it functions and who is really in charge.

Martin Luther King. Jr. (Michael King Jr.) had a dream because he lived in the US Republic – the country of the American dream. He didn’t have an idea because America suppresses ideas. Ideas, lies and propaganda cannot coexist. A person who lies cannot have ideas and a person who has ideas is not in need of lies and propaganda. America is the country of lies, deception, propaganda, because it was meant to be that way from its very day of foundation, so it cannot be the country of ideas.

We need ideas to contain the American lie, which is destroying the world. We are in need of ideas and strategies to push back the British Secularism before it destroys the whole world. We need ideas, not dreams, to render the American propaganda useless. The American political dream – the republic – has spread over the world as a contagious disease. Today, Russia, China, India, and other major countries are the biggest disciples of the American dream and the British Secularism.

We can change the world for better by ideas, not dreams. The British Empire wants us to dream.

Sabri Lushi

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