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Understanding the Palestinian conflict requires an out-of-the-box way of thinking. It cannot be understood by listening to the news and by disregarding the big political picture of the world today. It cannot be understood correctly within the political frame work that has been set for us and by using the political terminology of the British Empire.

First, the official history – not necessarily the real one, says that in the 20th century, Jews were in need of land to build a country, as if they were living in Mars up until that time, as if each and every nationality – what is a nation after all? – had their precise land. So, the whole concept of having their own country is not a natural concept, but a political mechanism invented by the British Empire in order to rule the world, and particularly, in order to encroach on the Ottoman Empire.

Second, when Jews were in ‘need’ of a piece of land, the world was being ruled officially by the British Empire, especially after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire during WWI. As every country was formed by the British Empire and as all the borders were drawn inside the royal offices of London, the same was true for the state of Israel: the decision was made by the British Empire, not by powerless Jews. The same was true for every other Muslim country of the 20th century recognized by the UN.

Third, the UN, which recognized the state of Israel is a British Empire’s organization, not an independent international organization. If the Arab leaders are so concerned about Palestine, let them abandon the UN. It is very simple.

The reality is much more different. The truth of the matter is that after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the world was taken over by the British Empire and the political control ended up in the hands of the British Monarchy. Sadly, Muslims were stripped off power and their political control was granted to the British Monarchy, which split them into some 60 countries. For example, the borders that we see today in the Arabian Peninsula are not the result of wars and political resistance of the Arab people, but the result of the drawing of the military experts of the British Empire. They divided the Muslim world like a piece of cake, the same British Empire that decided in 1948 to form a new country called Israel, the same Empire that controls our natural resources.

Muslims have a theological obligation to Al-Aqsa Mosque, but let’s be reasonable. Palestine does not have strategic importance with regard to natural resources. It does not have massive arable land or oil. Clearly, that conflict is maintained by the British as a distraction from a larger problem: the control of all Muslims and the exploitation of our resources. Palestine doesn’t have importance in and of itself, in my view, except that it is meant to distract us. In any case, the true enemy is the British Empire and its western puppet countries, not a handful of Jews, who work as mercenaries.

Sabri Lushi

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