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Americans have the reputation for being bad at geography, even though they suffer from the disease of patriotism and supremacy. This could be just a perception, but I am inclined to believe that it is true.

Americans confuse a state with a country and a country with a continent. For an American, there is no difference between a country, state or a continent. Taxes is a country to them while Africa is just another country. The European Union is a state as well. The most interesting part is when they’re asked to provide the names of three countries that start with a certain letter, they even make up words.

Frankly speaking, I used to think that this is an indication of the stupidity of the American people. Soon I realized that it is exactly the opposite. People from the third world, who memorize all the names of countries, their capital cities, when they were declared ‘independent,’ who is their current president or prime minister, their population etc. are more stupid than Americans.

The truth of the matter is that the concept of country is the biggest lie of the modern time. A country is portrayed as a geographical territory, which has a flag, a government, a national anthem, a couple of national holidays, one or more official languages, and it has to be recognized by the United Nations. However, the most important feature of a modern country is its independence. Countries are independent, and for the most part they are republics, where the power belongs to the people.

Now, when we say independent, we don’t know exactly what it means. Countries are independent, but they have to be recognized by the UN, laws have to be imported from the UN, political agendas are set by others, natural resources are not controlled by the people, the economy and trade agreements are a global monopoly. This means that a group of citizens in Sudan, Albania, Serbia, Pakistan etc. are not free to manufacture whatever they want in order to compete in the global market.

Country independence means only one thing: political restriction. It means citizens cannot travel wherever they want, do whatever they want, produce or manufacture whatever they want, exploit their natural resources at their best interest. In Albania, for example, citizens are not allowed to build independent businesses, they are not allowed to have access to natural resources, such as hydropower, and their laws, political, educational and economic agendas are officially imposed by the EU.

Whether we agree on the fact that the world is occupied by the British Empire, this does not matter, but it turns out that the American people are absolutely right when they confuse countries – which are no more than a political mechanism of the British Empire in order to control the world. For the British Monarchy, countries are irrelevant. They make sense only for masses.

The concept of republic, independence or country is precisely the opium of the masses.

Sabri Lushi

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