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Under British Secularism citizens are not equal before the state

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One of the biggest problems of the British Secularism and its Secularist governments around the world is that citizens are not equal before the state. It’s a form of governance which operates on secrecy. It lacks transparency. For example, such governments – which are controlled by the British Monarchy, have no problem with the concept of rewarding people secretly for their secret service and crimes they do in the name of the state.

Secularist governments can give financial benefits or offer jobs to their people as a reward for harming other citizens. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if people benefit from the government even unjustly, but receiving money from the government, or a contract or a job in order to harm other citizens in the name of the government, this is preposterous and immoral.

Unfortunately, this is the very mechanism which the British Monarchy uses in order to maintain its power: secrecy, giving jobs to people in order to oppress and harm other people, and rewarding criminals and agents.

As an ideology, the British Secularism has failed totally. It has nothing to offer to the world anymore. However, it has the absolute political and financial control. So, it has enough money to pay criminals, thugs, spies, and agents.

In the end, a system that is based on injustice does not last long. The British Monarchy is fully aware of this fact.

What is a better alternative?

Well, a government that treats its citizens equally and fairly, that does not give jobs to some in order to harm others, that does not employ some citizens as spies and agents against other citizens, that does not offer jobs secretly to people without deserving them, that is transparent and is responsible. This is a better alternative. This is what we need. Unfortunately, no British Secularist government offers these. It doesn’t matter if you live in Canada or Chile, in Russia or Turkey, in Germany or Ghana. Secularist governments are the same: corrupt and unjust. They are the same because they are under control of the same monarchy.

We need fair governments, which treat people equally and fairly, and I mean, equally and fairly. We’re sick and tired of such corrupt governments that operate like mafia. Even those who benefit from the Secularist governments, they get humiliated.

Secularist governments – which are controlled by the British Monarchy, don’t treat people with dignity, but as spies and agents. Human beings deserve much better than what the corrupt British Secularism is offering them today.

Sabri Lushi

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