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A year ago, the US corrupt politics appointed Ketanji Brown Jackson as a justice of the US Supreme Court. Apart from her skin color, which was one of the reasons for selecting her to hold that position, she couldn’t hide her immorality and ignorance and devotion to the corrupt political agendas.

She is appointed to that position supposedly to protect the American families, women, men, and children, yet, as a professional judge, she made it clear that none of the above have a clear definition anymore. What we call a family, child, woman, or a man, there is no clear definition according to her.

Ketanji Brown Jackson marked the death of the American justice and the beginning of a new era of corruption and decadence. Ketanji Brown Jackson proved that in America in order to become a judge, all it matters is devotion to the politics, and in this case, the skin color. She told us that an American judge ought not to have morality, dignity, credibility, legal clarity, and a distance from politics.

Ketanji Brown Jackson told us that in order to become a judge in America, all it matters is the color of people, what’s in between their legs, the devotion to politics, and to be in the frontiers of the war against women and family.

The American justice is dead. We shouldn’t be surprised if soon we’re going to see a teenager – someone who has gone through gender therapy, who doesn’t even know her gender, as a judge of the Supreme Court.

The reason why America appoints ignorant people as judges is that judicial verdicts are made behind the scenes by politics. It is not law which decides in America, but politics and the deep state. Judges are there simply to maintain a good image and distract people from realizing that it is the politics the one making the decisions.

Soon, America might become the most oppressed country in the world, where everything natural and traditional – family and two natural genders, will be considered illegal.

America has been founded on the blood and bones of children, on the blood and the bones of African slaves, on oppression and exploitation. Today we are witnessing a trend which is leading America to the same stage: oppression, immorality, war on family and women, exploitation, dictatorship, corruption of the legal system, and promotion of ignorant people to power such as Ketanji Brown Jackson.

God save America from the horrors and the terror yet to come. God save America from ignorant and immoral people such as Ketanji Brown Jackson – an enemy of family and women and children.

Sabri Lushi

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