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The British Secularism is not a genuine philosophical ideology which intends to present to the world and its problems a real alternative and solution. It doesn’t have a sincere concern about humanity and the direction it is heading to. Its objective is not to honestly attempt to address issues and answer fundamental questions.

For example, the British Secularism is not concerned about the ultimate effects of policies, social behaviors, the survival of humanity, what’s right and what’s wrong, the natural justice, and moral principles. Instead, it stands on some poorly defined and abusive principles, such as freedom, utilitarianism, hedonism and liberalism, each of which sounds good but they are just propaganda and empty slogans.

In essence, the British Secularism has one major political objective: control and only control. It has been historically the official political ideology of the British Empire and it continues to dominate the world to this very day, as the Evil Empire has managed to rule the entire globe, unfortunately.

It seems that the British Empire has come up with a very effective system of control. It seems it has mastered the art of political control. In my view, if there is one sector which the British Empire has invested the most, that is the political control of people. When it comes to control, the British Secularism is state-of-the-art. So, the whole political activity of the British Secularism revolves around the control of people, especially given the fact that it rules the entire world and the largest number of people ever walked on Earth.

The purpose of the Secularist laws is not primarily to protect people’s lives and properties, their dignity, families, reputation, and health – including mental health, but to control them, even in the cases when one of such categories is cited.

In addition, the workplaces and labor laws have been designed to serve one purpose: the control of people, by keeping them busy, by having access to them, by intimidating and threatening and harassing them.

The British Secularism uses the school system and the media, too, for the same purpose: to control people through brain washing, and by keeping them busy for years, and by wasting their time and money.

Most importantly, under the British Secularism, all people should be informal and secret servants of the state, who should be ready to act in the name of the government without questioning the morality of orders. Under Secularism, there is no ‘them vs. us,” but all against all. People are like robots, trained to cancel the faculty of consciousness, who are controlled by the government, and the result is amazing: all against all while the British Empire continues to rule strongly and undisturbed.

Sabri Lushi

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