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In this world, we believe that there are some natural laws that govern the natural activity and processes, as they are strongly identifiable facts, such as gravity, electromagnetic field, photosynthesis etc. Likewise, political power works on some principles and identifiable facts and processes.

Logically and observably, we can say that political power is a necessity, it is held and operated by humans, the political responsibility always goes back to one individual, and it needs an ideology or a set of beliefs, such as a religion, which is used as the general basis for the making of laws.

The political power could stem from the general desire or greed for property, money, fame, or from a more specific desire to rule and be on top of the others, which, nonetheless, represents a collective instinct and intrinsic need that someone has to lead. In a way, it is a natural and instinctive need, even if people are not able to articulate it by words.

The British Secularism seems to break the rule for the first time in history, or at least it appears as such, but if we analyze it carefully, we will notice that it contains all the classical elements or components of power.

First, the reason why I say ‘British Secularism’ is because this ideology is not universal, as it deceptively presents itself. Rather, it is a political ideology which has been adopted, used and utilized by the British Empire, especially when it started to spread its power globally. So, the British Secularism gives the impression that it represents a global political movement while it is simply the political face of the British Empire.

Second, the British Secularism gives the impression that it is a political system where power does not revolve around people, but it is embedded in abstract institutions, such as the office of the president, the judiciary, the people, the constitution etc. This is the biggest lie of history, a deception that continues to create havoc in the world. While clearly there are concrete people in power, such as the British Monarchy and its appointed minor monarchs, presidents and prime ministers around the world, they claim that it is the institutions which rule us – desks, walls, chairs, pieces of paper, so no concrete individual is responsible for political decisions, crimes, destruction and immorality.

We understand that it is very convenient for the British Empire to hide behind walls, pieces of papers and desks because this way it protects its power and it absolves itself from political responsibility and it protects itself from retribution, but this is just a deception. That’s why there’s so much noise, propaganda, rhetoric, lies, and fake political activity – such as elections, in order to cover up the original lie, that it is the institutions which rule us, not people, as it is the case classically, as well as to cover up the fact that the British Secularism is supposedly a neutral ideology – which is not.

Sabri Lushi

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