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Unless the people of Albania, who have a significant historical past, don’t start with an intellectual process of identifying the real problems of our country, politics, economy, the way we do things, society, and even mentality, things won’t change for better. We are known for being hardworking, courageous and brave people, so we should have the audacity and bravery to speak the truth to ourselves. Only a fool would lie to himself, and I genuinely believe that the majority of Albanians are brilliant people, regardless of demonstrating a problematic behavior and bad morals. People can change no matter how difficult that may be.

In this regard, I consider myself genuinely interested in the development of my country and building a better future in our land for ourselves and our children. So, I would never refrain from sharing my ideas with others, especially with my fellow Albanians.

First, we must agree, unless someone has a more convincing explanation, that we are in this situation not because of ordinary political corruption and lack of political projects, but because of the exact opposite. Albania is in this situation because someone has made a plan for us, someone has steered the country the wrong direction. Certainly by design we are poor, politically oppressed, with a chaotic economic development, and with a high rate of immigration. Nothing happened coincidently.

On the other hand, as we say in Albania, the blame always remains an orphan – no one takes the blame and responsibility. It is then our duty and our job to objectively identify those who work against us, without probably naming them as enemies. This process should not be done with the repetition of cliches, such as the USA is our strategic ally, the EU is our future, the western friends love us but we are enemies of ourselves etc. These are political slogans, not genuine political diagnosis.

We should know that we have a rich country in natural resources. We have abundant hydropower. We have enough arable land. There is water everywhere, not very common for a Mediterranean country. Albania is rich and beautiful.

In addition, we should know that in a secular world, there is no friends or allies. Those who call themselves strategic allies, they are capitalists and materialists, so they look after their own interests. They don’t care about you and me. Only Albanians are the best allies of Albania.

This genuine political diagnosis should serve as an impetus for instilling a new mentality and confidence into our people, especially the Albanian youth. At this moment, I believe that the intellectual contribution is essential and irreplaceable. We need to share ideas. Chaos serves only the enemy and the political status quo. With a rich country in natural resources and hydropower and brilliant people, everything is possible despite the political projects to render us the most humiliated nation of Europe.

Albania can be better.

Sabri Lushi

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