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This idea of a Muslim, who is most probably educated in the West and who is raised believing in democracy, who gets involved in politics and becomes a national figure, then decides to compete within the contours of the system in order to run the country in the hope of bringing real political changes and restoring Islam even partially, this has become already a political phenomenon or a path trodden by many. Mohamed Morsi of Egypt and now Imran Khan are a typical example of this phenomenon.

Therefore, it is worth of looking into it and identifying its pros and cons. Given the fact that Imran Khan was arrested today during a court appearance while Mohamed Morsi died during his political detention, this only makes the topic relevant. After all, is the political model set by Mohamed Morsi and Imran Khan the right one in order to bring an economic development under the banner of Islam?

To begin with, I wish Imran Khan all the best from the bottom of my heart. Whoever declares that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His messenger, he or she is part of the Muslim Ummah, which constitutes a single body – if a limb hurts, the whole body hurts, as described by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), so I wish him an immediate release.

Hypothetically, if a Muslim decides to run for prime minister or president in a Muslim majority country, such as in Egypt or Pakistan, and in case he wins the election, he cannot and will not succeed unless undertakes two or three important steps:

On the first day as prime minister or president, he should form a task force, which consists of honest and courageous men whose role is to clear the corridors of power and pave the way for real independence.

On the second day of his job, the prime minister or the president should order the task force to arrest all the current judges, on charges of being part of a judicial system which has been established by the British Empire. There is no doubt that judges are the most controlled people, so they should be arrested on the basis of being CIA agents and tried by a special tribunal. The whole judicial system should be replaced with a new one.

On the third day of his job, he should order the arrest of all military generals and top military officers on the basis of distrust and treason. In all countries that have been formed by the British Empire, the military generals are the most loyal people to the Empire and the US Government. Only with a new military and a brand new judicial system, is it possible to bring changes.

This is hypothetical and can never happen. This is just another way of saying that Pakistan and Egypt and all other Muslim countries are occupied by the British Empire and the US Government.

In that case, the question is: is it possible running for prime minister within the contours of the occupation?

Sabri Lushi

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