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When the western politicians, such as the corrupt US President or the Prime Minister of Canada or their immoral appointed judges, speak of pro choice, they refer to the legal freedom that pregnant women should have to kill their babies in their wombs and get them out of their bodies. More or less, this is the essence of pro choice movement of the corrupt western Secularists, those who love blood and murder, those who kill children, women and non combatants.

Ironically, I’m pro choice, too, but of a different choice.

I believe that free citizens, as opposed to slaves, should have the right to own businesses, land, property, buildings. Free citizens should have the right to start businesses and grow them, to own farms and factories, to grow food and sell it freely.

I believe that we should have the right to have a more independent way of deciding on our money and where we invest it while the government can and should collect taxes, bud in a more transparent way and in a much smaller amount.

I believe that we should have the choice to raise our children the way we want. For free citizens, children are under the political power and the responsibility of their parents until they reach the age of adulthood. This should not be the business of the corrupt Secularist governments and their appointed judges. We’re free citizens, not slaves of the Secularist governments or the British Monarchy. Our children our ours, not slaves of the government.

I believe that we should have religious and ideological freedom of choice, freedom to live our lives independently in terms of ideology, and we should have the freedom to preach, freedom to build places of worship, and the freedom to have ideological independence in our families.

Freedom is a good thing. As free citizens, as opposed to slavery, we should appreciate freedom of choice and must exercise the freedom of decision making.

So, yes, if women want to kill their babies, so be it. For the most part, such women are atheists, criminals, drug addicts, spies of the government and agents, so we should not care much about them even though we don’t recommend that to them.

However, we deserve the other freedoms as well. The western despots, such as the corrupt US President and the Prime Minister of Canada, should grant us more freedom of choice when it comes to our money and our right to own and our right to raise our children and run our families the way we want.

In Canada, we have corrupt and immoral judges who are violating the most basic human freedom: to raise children and invest for the future.

So, what kind of pro choice is the immoral and corrupt Prime Minister of Canada talking about?

As for the tyrant of the USA, he should stop killing Muslim children first, who are born already; they’re not in the wombs of their mothers.

Sabri Lushi

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