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Whether we like it or not, slavery is not intrinsically wrong. It is an economic and political system, which mostly has emerged from the increase of human population and their concentration in large residencies and cities.

More or less, slavery has to do with political and economic rights and with decision making. A slave cannot make decisions, cannot own property, cannot decide on his or her master’s property, and cannot participate in political decision making, much less becoming a political leader.

A slave can drive a good car, live in a beautiful mansion, sleep in a comfortable mattress, wear fashionable clothes, wear a fancy watch, have a phone, go to school, drink cold water, enjoy a delicious dinner at a restaurant, and even become an athlete to entertain others. A slave could do all of these and still remain a slave because it has to do not necessarily with the style of living, but with decision making and political rights.

Technically, it is true that the power or freedom of decision making, the right to own and the political voice are correlated with one’s life style because the political voice and the power of decision making make one more powerful economically in the long run, but it is not true all the time.

As we all know, the British Empire claims that one of its biggest political achievements is the abolishment of slavery, to the extent that we all should be thankful to the British Monarchy for this great blessing. In fact, the British Secularism almost claims superiority over all other religions and ideologies because it believes in equal rights and the abolishment of slavery.

Well, if we look at the world today and we apply the true definition of slavery, not the definition that the British Secularism has brainwashed us with, we will notice that slavery has actually increased even though the number of slave masters has become smaller.

Over all, people nowadays barely have any rights to decision making. Whoever tries to make independent decisions, they are the main target of Secularist governments. Besides, there are mechanisms which limit the power of decision making for the vast majority of people.

For example, unless one is a spy of the government, owning businesses, companies and land is impossible. So, this is not freedom. The economy is the absolute monopoly of the British Secularism. People also have less family rights. More or less, children belong to the state while family laws treat us as classical slaves.

By any definition, today we are facing a massive enslavement of the British Secularism, one of the worst forms in human history. The Barbaric Empire wants to appease us with the voting rights: a theatrical system which is no more than a mockery. Ballots are no more than pieces of papers, less worthy than the toilet paper.

The British Secularism is threatening our basic rights: decision making, owning properties and businesses, and the right to family.

Sabri Lushi

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