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There is no doubt that the British Secularism considers Islam as the biggest threat to its objectives, such as the massive enslavement of humanity, so one of the goals of the British Empire and the US Government has always been to wipe Islam out. They hate Islam and Muslims. However, wiping Islam out altogether is not an easy task.

They’ve tried many techniques. In some countries they’ve experimented with a complete ban of Islam, as it happened in Albania for five decades. It was unimaginable. The nation which once was one of the most vibrant and fervent Muslim one within the Ottoman Empire and the stronghold of Islam in the continent of Europe ended up as the most oppressed people.

The British Empire and the US Government have occupied Muslims nations, murdered children and women and innocent non-combatants, imposed economic embargo such as against Somalia, Yemen, and Iraq in order to force people leave Islam, they’ve sponsored coups d’état, formed terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS, they’ve deployed their military such as in Iraq and Libya, they’ve organized false flag operations, they’ve faked terrorist attacks such as 9/11 in New York and 7/7 in London, used the media to stigmatize Islam and Muslims, and even passed laws in the western Europe against Muslim women, all of these as part of measures to crack down on Muslims and compel and further advance the decline of the religion of Islam.

As any ideology or living organism, Islam contains elements which are related to the continuation of its existence, similar to the reproductive property of living creatures. For example, the memorization of the Qur’an, the existence of scholars, the preservation of the Arabic language, the invitation or calling of non-Muslims to Islam, the preservation of family, the institution of Zakat, and congregational prayers, mosques, the symbols of Islam such as adhan, observation of hijab by women etc. are among those elements which have also to do with the preservation of Islam itself apart from the impact that they have at an individual level.

Even the idea of having a Muslim country where the Islamic laws are implemented, a Muslim leader, a Muslim army and an Islamic economic system also are part of the aspects of Islam which are directly related to the preservation of the religion itself and its continuation, which is actually one of the main aims of Islam, that is, the preservation of Islam, life, mind, lineage and property.

In my view, the Secularist governments nowadays do not necessarily have a problem with a restricted practice of Islam, especially at an individual level. By banning it completely, it only backfires. They simply want to make sure that Islam will not survive, so they’re mostly focused on this objective. That’s why there is a global crack down on Muslim scholars and the so called ‘political Islam,’ or the generative elements of Islam.

Sabri Lushi

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