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Even though I am fully aware of the ignorance and moral corruption and lack of political independence of the Albanian Government and the state political institutions, such as the Presidency and the Albanian Parliament, I consider it a moral and civic duty as an Albanian citizen to call upon the Government to show leadership and demonstrate a moral stance – which exactly reflects the moral principles of the Albanian people, to stand against the American terrorism which has been unleashed in Gaza.

In Gaza, the Israeli Government, under the full military and political support of the US Government and the UK, is undertaking an unconstrained and barbaric genocide against children and women.

Israeli Government clearly is not doing this in the name of Judaism. It is not acting in the name of Jews. The Israeli Government has exposed itself in the eyes of the entire world, including Jewish people, that it is no more than a US and British military base. In fact, I would even argue that the state of Israel has never been meant to serve as a safe haven for the Jewish people. We don’t see any connection at all between the actions of the Israeli Government and the Holocaust survivors. Indeed, many Holocaust survivors or their Jewish descendants are condemning Israel publicly for these atrocities against the innocent children.

We Albanians cannot tolerate the murder of children. We abhor and despise it. Whoever attacks children, we show no respect and no regard for such cowards and filthy terrorists.

The US Government and the UK are not simply complicit in the terrorism that the Israeli Government is committing in Gaza. They are actually the terrorists themselves. They are legally and criminally responsible.

Therefore, I call upon the President President of the Republic of Albania His Excellency Bajram Begaj, on the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, and on the Speaker of the Parliament of Albania Lindita Nikolla to terminate at least temporarily the diplomatic relations with the USA and the UK, as well as to withdraw the Albanian Ambassador from the UN.

The Albanian people cannot tolerate the diplomatic relations with terrorist and irresponsible entities, such as the US and the UK Governments.

Furthermore, the Albanian people have not forgotten the fact that a century ago, it was the British Empire which split the Albanian lands in the Balkans. We have not forgotten the fact that it was the UK the and USA responsible for putting in power the communist dictator Enver Hoxha – this British terrorist, who destroyed our country.

We Albanians know very well that the US Government and the UK are directly responsible for all corruption in our country and the theft of natural resources, especially the hydropower.

In short, we don’t accept the political behavior of irresponsible countries, such as the USA and the UK – the tyrant and oppressive and terrorist regimes.

Sabri Lushi


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