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The Canadian media has reported the mass killing of a Sri Lankan family in Ottawa. Late evening of March 7, a 19 year old Sri Lankan man wiped out another Sri Lankan family, by leaving the four children dead, the mother, a family’s acquaintance, while the father was injured and currently he is in the hospital – devastated and having lost everything.

This new comer family had immigrated from Sri Lanka to Canada three years ago in search for a better like, but little did they know that the death was awaiting them in this country – a country that is undergoing serious political and judicial problems. Indeed, they did not know the truth about Canada and its corrupt legal system.

The murderer, a 19 year old student, could be a terrorist, a professional killer, a sick man, or whatever, but as song as the legal system is broken and full of loopholes, we have the right to doubt and raise some serious questions.

This criminal could be a spy of the Canadian Government, who has been ordered to carry out a mass killing because the society need to hear some scary news every now and then. We have the right to think of any possible option as long as the laws of this country allow such loopholes.

There is no legal mechanism to guarantee us that a citizen – an agent or a spy, cannot be used by the state, by the intelligence service, by the CIA or whatever, for any possible reasons, including the terrifying of the public opinion.

The only legal mechanism to make sure that the murderer or the killer is not used by the state or is not a spy is to execute him publicly. Yes, to be executed publicly, so we all can witness the execution. Only then we can make sure that nothing suspicious remains in the legal case.

Trusting the Government is NOT a legal mechanism.

A family was wiped out, the suspected criminal was arrested and charged with six counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder, but who cares about this mesmerizing legal language, yet empty and sickening.

The state, the corrupt Canadian laws, and the Canadian judges are directly responsible for this heinous crime. I personally accuse unequivocally the Canadian Government, the intelligence service, and the Canadian judges for this crime.

That terrorist should be executed publicly and witnessed by us all. Only then the Canadian Government is absolved of this crime.

I call on the injured father, who lost his four children, to address this crime politically and point his finger at the Government itself and at the Canadian immoral laws which promote espionage, mass shootings and mass killings.

The man should not attend any court proceeding regarding this matter. This is a travesty of justice and a masquerade. The only price of the murderer is his own life. Those who protect murderers, such as the Canadian judges and politicians, they are indeed the true terrorists and criminals.

Sabri Lushi

March 2024


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