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I am sure that everyone would agree with me that the world is ruled by the US Government and the British Monarchy while the British Secularism is the official political religion of the world’s politics.

This is to say that the US Government and the British Monarchy are directly responsible for most of corruption, wars, economic crises, killings, political arrests, oppression, and injustice in the world while little has the world benefited from this political power.

In this regard, it is a must upon us all to know the enemies in order to protect ourselves, families, and the future of our countries from them.

Knowledge is the best weapon in our defensive war against the western barbarism. We must expose their deception, the way they rule, the political maneuvers that they use, and their political propaganda used against us.

We have to expose their hypocrisy, immorality, injustice, and their billions of dollars spent around the world in order to spread corruption.

We have the expose the fake political schism that appears to exist between the USA and China. All of them – China, Russia, the USA, the UK, Canada etc., are one and the same.

We have to expose the danger of the CIA, and the fact that it’s a terrorist organization whose sole role is to spread corruption and terrorism. The more we know about this terrorist organization and its criminal activity, the better chance we have in our defensive political war.

There is no doubt that the most powerful weapon of the US Government and the British Secularism is the ignorance of people about their viciousness.

It’s our duty to clarify to people the corruption of the US Government, its crimes and genocides, to educate them about the immorality of the British Monarchy and the British Secularism in the hope that people might wake up and might reject this monstrosity known as America or the British Monarchy.

The world will never find peace until we know the true face of America and recognize its barbaric role.

The world will never find peace until we know the viciousness of the British Secularism. This devilish ideology must be rejected. It’s evil. It’s dangerous.

The western barbarians are intolerant. They kill and murder children. They are thieves. They are immoral and have no trustworthiness. We should never trust them.

Sabri Lushi

May 2024


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