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Planning is something that we all deal with, hopefully, unless others plan for us. There is no success without a plan, and clarity is the most important part of a good plan. The clearer we know what our goals are, there is a better chance to achieve them. In this regard, the job a government is to plan, to implement, and then to make sure that the goals are achieved. Successful governments develop strategies of development, especially long term.

Speaking of national strategies, I’d like to speak of Albania as an example of success. Our country was liberated by the British Empire a century ago. After five centuries of darkness, working as grand viziers and viziers under the Ottoman Empire, our British and American friends granted us the light of freedom, secularism, and independence. After five hundred years, Albania joined the West again. Thanks to the British Empire, Albania had for the first time in 1912 an independent government. Albanians will be grateful forever to the British Monarchy for teaching us democracy and for making sure that we have a government that plans for us.

Before I list all the strategies and national agendas of the Albanian Government, I would like to start with the national strategies that we don’t have, which are fewer.

The Government of Albania does not have a national strategy of employment for the Albanian citizens. The appointed government of the British Monarchy does not have a clear plan where our citizens will work and live.

The Government of Albania does not have a national strategy of education and science, which would tell us how many engineers the society needs, how many doctors, teachers, electricians, mechanics, plumbers, architects and so on and so forth. Instead, people are free to waste their time and money.

The Government of Albania does not have a national strategy of development regarding agriculture, which would tell us exactly how much food is needed and how much can be produced. Instead, the government is expanding the list of protected zones.

The Government of Albania does not have a transparent strategy regarding the exploitation of natural resources, especially the abundant hydropower. The people don’t know the domestic need, the total production of hydropower, how much is exported and what are the plans for the future HPPs.

However, we know of a very clear national strategy of the Albanian Government regarding the dislocation of the Albanian population. The strategy has been crystal clear: the Government will do everything possible to force Albanian citizens abandon their country. Instead, they should live as foreigners in the West, documented or undocumented, and making sure that their remittances will not be invested in a sustainable way in Albania. Thanks to our western friends, this strategy has been so successful. After all, Albanians are free, and many of them are enjoying homelessness and prison in the West.

Sabri Lushi

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