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Often we encounter videos on YouTube or TikTok made by western agents giving a list of top most corrupt countries in the world. The lists always include countries such Yemen, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, Lebanon, and Iraq. Apart from some rare cases, the top ten countries are always Muslim majority ones.

As we can see, these countries have certain things in common: they’re Muslim majority, have been under the American and British bombs and rockets for decades, very rich in oil – the case of Iraq, and they represent an important part of Islamic Ummah, especially Yemen, Syria and Iraq. So, those western agents who make such videos don’t blame the US Government and the UK for the poverty and destruction that those countries are experiencing, but corruption as always.

Speaking of corruption, I would like to list on this posting the top most corrupt countries in the world, whose corruption is threatening the whole humanity, not simply Muslims.

Without hesitation, I would put the USA on the top of the list, as the most corrupt country in the world, and probably the most corrupt political entity in the entire human history. It is a country of propaganda, injustice, lies, and political irresponsibility. It is a country founded on the blood of people and built on the bones of dead slaves. It is the country of financial injustice and with the highest number of prisoners per capita in the world. The USA is a clown republic, a country which has no oil reserves, yet it has the highest oil consumption – this is the essence of corruption.

The second most corrupt country, in my view, is the UK. It is the home of the British Monarchy – which rules the world tyrannically and irresponsibly and unjustly. In addition, London is the capital of financial theft and exploitation for the entire world. The UK is the mother of all corruption: financial, academic, moral, scientific, and political corruption.

Third, Canada is no less corrupt than the other two previous entities. Canada is the graveyard of immigrants and it has been founded on injustice and bones of children. It is a country with the most corrupt courts of law in the entire world. The Canadian judges are the most corrupt people in the country and a national threat. They are immoral, lack integrity, and are controlled by politics and the corrupt agendas of the British Monarchy.

China and Russia follow the list of corruption. Both they are the most devoted political entities of the British Empire and the British Monarchy. They’ve caused so much harm to the world in the name of the British Monarchy by spreading communism and atheism and they remain the biggest ideological and economic supporters of the corrupt British Empire – the communist and Satanist empire.

The world is in need of a new political power in order to contain the British corruption. Indeed, the USA, the UK, Canada, Russia and China are the most corrupt countries in the world.

Sabri Lushi

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