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Perhaps it’s not totally wrong to say that the western Europeans are the people or the tribe of humanity that have wronged women the most throughout history. Regardless of being part of human society, of having been born from the same mothers as sons, of having been raised by the same fathers as boys, the West still continues to have problems with women by trying to define them whenever governmental agendas and political needs change.

It was the West – the ancient Roman Empire, that doubted on the human nature of women. They believed that women were somehow subhumans, probably without a soul, or if they had one, theirs must be different than men, maybe similar to the souls of animals.

Then, the Roman Catholic Church didn’t hold a better stance on women either. They were blamed for the original sin. The distorted and Romanized Christians believed that it was Eve the one who was bewitched by Satan, and then it was she who made Adam – the father of humanity – eat from the forbidden apple, yet Adam remembered God’s commandment and repented before her, hence Adam’s apple.

As if this injustice was not humiliating enough for women – the sisters of men as they’re called in Islam, the corrupt Secularism continues to mock women to this very day; the West continues to humiliate and exploit them. The corrupt and atheist West continues to oppress women, perhaps worse than the ancient Roman Empire or the despotic Catholic Church.

While Secularism is in essence a deception for all humanity, it has proven to be more dangerous for women, by exploiting their weaknesses. The British Secularism and its corrupt governments around the world, which are committed to destroy human society, are hiring women in politics simply to work as obedient employees and agents of intelligent service, not as independent decision makers. Unfortunately, women are simply being used by the barbaric Secularism out of fear that if left alone, they form strong families, and consequently, the governmental control will be a challenge.

The British Empire and its Secular governments around the world don’t care about the rights of anyone. All they care is control and only control. Governments need access to women. That’s all they want.

Can anyone imagine the British Secularism allow a society where people live in strong families, where the governmental propaganda is impossible to penetrate? That is a truly free society.

The West has wronged and humiliated women as never before. In the West, women are used as servants of politics, as spies and agents of governments, as spies of the CIA, as obedient employees of the corrupt politics. The western women are not free. They’re manipulated, threatened by governments, intimidated by politics and the intelligence service, and exploited in the most humiliated form possible.

Women deserve to live free and with dignity, not as governmental spies and agents.

Sabri Lushi

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