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India seems to be another country where Muslims are being persecuted, killed, hurt and harmed by a nationalist government, which applies the British democracy as well as it has adopted nationalism as the political ideology of the subcontinent.

The British Empire has taught us that nation state is the only viable political model of the modern time, that nationalism is the most unifying political force of a country, that democracy is the model that imposes on the government and the political candidates to please and unify citizens – who, after the abolishment of slavery, all of them are equal before law and each and every citizen is qualified to run for office.

In other words, the British Empire has convinced the world that democracy and nationalism work the best regardless of people while the traditional monarchies have failed to lead their people to the best. Putting too much direct responsibility and power in the hands of one person – king or emperor, is a hindrance to development. Nationalism, on the other hand, brings people under one common umbrella. Muslims of India are perfect citizens, for that matter. They pay taxes, respect the neighbor, work hard, and obey the law.

Well, if this is the case, why is India’s Government persecuting its own citizens? Why is it selecting a group of people based on religion if their religion not important for a nationalist government? Why isn’t the fear of losing votes preventing the Government from persecuting its own citizens? Are we seeing in India the most blatant form of failure of the British democracy and nationalism?

In my view, what we’re seeing in India is not simply a failure of a political system, but the demonstration of the true battle: the battle between Islam and Secularism, the battle between Muslims and the British Empire, the battle between the truth and the falsehood. The Government of India is killing and persecuting Muslims in the name of the British Empire, for nationalism and democracy are British mechanisms of occupation. India is not a free and independent country. Had it been free, it is not in its best interest to kill its own citizens, but it is under the British Monarchy’s rule.

It is not a coincidence that dictators, nationalists, democrat demagogues, and communist imposters have benefit the British Empire the most and are supported by this empire the most. Democracy, communist, nationalism and terrorism are all British political products, manufactured by the British royal experts.

Sabri Lushi

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