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There is no doubt that the British Empire would have not reached the position that it enjoys today without the defeat of the Ottoman Empire during WWI. This made possible for the Empire of Secularism to control the important waterways, such as the Suez Canal and Turkish Straits, the control of oil in the Middle East, especially Iraq, and the control of the Two Holy Cities, Mecca and Madinah. The defeat of the Ottoman Empire – the last Muslim caliphate, not only gave the British Empire unprecedented access to natural resources of the Muslim Ummah, but for the first time the British Secularists took full political control of Muslims, a calamity that we continue to confront every day.

Therefore, WWI and the unification of the whole Europe and Russia against the Ottoman Empire makes sense. The rising British Empire found the best opportunity to subjugate Muslims. The damage that the British Secularists did to the Muslim Ummah was, in my view, far greater than the invading wars of Genghis Khan and his descendants against the Abbasid Caliphate, which fell in 1258. The war of the British Secularists against Islam and Muslims continues and it will not cease until our Ummah gets united against barbarians and realize how dangerous the British Secularism is: the ideology of the Devil, which respects no human values, subscribes to no principles, and has no regard for human beings.

However, the British Empire and its puppet states of Europe would have not managed to defeat the Ottoman Empire and subjugate Muslims without the enormous help from Muslim traitors, agents and spies, a group that remains as the cancer of the body of our Ummah. Apart from the Arab spies and terrorists who sold their souls off for a few British pounds, there is another famous traitor who contributed a great deal to the defeat of Muslims, and that is none other than Mustafa Kemal – the traitor and the British spy. Our Turkish brothers are far more honorable than to grant such a traitor the title “Atatürk.”

While the British Empire defeated the Ottoman Empire during WWI, as it was the finalization of a war started much earlier against Muslims, their main concern was undoubtedly how to keep the Turkish people under occupation. Flying a British imperial flag in Istanbul was not acceptable by Muslims at all no matter how weak and disunited they were.

The best strategy for the British Empire was to raise a hero among Turkish people. That was exactly the purpose of the Gallipoli campaign (1915 – 1916) where Mustafa Kamal fought ‘heroically’ against the British Empire and its puppets, France and Russia.

Mustafa Kamal was made a hero by the British Empire. This gave him legitimacy to further continue the mission of the British Secularism: the Turkish War of Independence, the abolishment of the caliphate, and the declaration of the Turkish Republic. This is the story of a British spy who became a hero.

Sabri Lushi

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