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There are two reasons why I am choosing to compare these two countries. First, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Canada are supposed to be the extremes of the same political system, as both are democracies and both apply the British Secularism. Second, the western countries use examples of North Korea and other poor and dictatorship countries created by the British Empire as a way of intimidating their own citizens.

Canada and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea differ in a couple of aspects. Canada is richer, open to immigrants, bigger, better reputation, and more antagonist and oppressive to family while North Korea is completely isolated and allegedly poorer. In addition, Canada does not apply labor and internment camps even though it uses workplaces and the employment of citizens as a way of controlling them.

At the same time, there are some frightening similarities between these two countries. Actually, the best way to understand the political problems of Canada is by comparing it with a country, such as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which has taken the application of the British Secularism to the next level.

Thus, both Canada and North Korea are democracies and both apply the British Secularism, as well as both are formed by the British Empire and continue to be controlled by the same empire or its institutions, such as the UN.

Both Canada and North Korea are spy regimes. Perhaps, each has its specifics, but in essence both rule through secrecy, lack of transparency and informality whereas espionage and informal allegiance are the main mechanisms of control. In North Korea, every single citizen is supposed to be a spy of the Government, exactly as it was the case in Albania during the regime of Enver Hoxha – a famous British agent, similar to Comrade Kim Jong-un. Likewise, Canada does not change much from such regimes. The Canadian regime relies heavily on spies and agents, much more than many might assume.

Both Canada and North Korea have a corrupt legal system. Even though I haven’t read anything about North Korea’s courts of law, I would assume they are under the total control of the Government. On the other hand, Canada claims to have independent courts of law, but this is just a meaningless slogan. It means nothing. In reality, the Canadian judges enjoy extremely too much power and they are the most devoted agents of the state. In addition, the Canadian laws are abusive and in some cases barbaric.

Both Canada and North Korea are countries that use propaganda. North Korea is more genuine in this aspect. Canada claims to uphold free speech, but the Government is so much invested in propaganda to the extent that it chokes the free expression.

Last, like in North Korea, the Canadian politicians and judges decide on all matters, including gender, the definition of women, the definition of family, and the definition of sex.

Sabri Lushi

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