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On March 19, 2003, under the order of the US President, the American army launched its war on the Iraqi people, who were guilty of no international crime or any crime against the American people. In cooperation with the UK Government, America declared war on the Muslim population of Iraq. The war was not about invading that country. Iraq was ruled by Saddam Hussain, who was recognized by the UN, which is a British Monarchy’s organization. America did not fight against Saddam Hussain, but against the Muslims of Iraq.

Even though we will not be able to know the real reasons why the US Government and the UK Government decided to kill the innocent population of Iraq and destroy the whole country – the reason could be anything but the one they declared publicly, we – Muslims – learned a great lesson from that illegal and unjust war.

We learned that Muslims don’t have power. They can be invaded, killed, imprisoned, maimed, their houses can be bombed, their properties can be confiscated, their families can be ruined, their future can be destroyed, and their resources can be stolen. Muslims don’t have political power. They don’t have military power. They don’t have armies. No one can protect them.

We learned that the UN is no more than an extension of the British Monarchy. The war against the Iraqi people exposed the true role of this British founded organization. Although countries such as Canada, France and Russia might have expressed concerns about the war, this did not stop the UK and the USA from breaching the international law. This clearly means that the UN is merely a British founded organization to legitimize the killing of Muslims whenever needed.

We learned that the West hates Muslims. No matter how much the western countries propagate the concept of freedom and living in peace regardless of race and religion, the war of America against the Iraqi Muslims proved once more that the westerners cannot be trusted.

So, we learned that we – Muslims – should never trust the western governments. We should never trust their immigration policies. We should never trust their laws. We should never trust their courts of law and their judges. The western governments hate Muslims.

We learned that Muslims will continue to face injustice and oppression from the western countries as long as we don’t have our own country, united under one leader and under one flag.

We learned also that apart from the American and British enemies, there are enemies from within. There are Muslim traitors and spies who cooperate with the US Government, the CIA, the UK Government and other western governments. In fact, the spies and traitors among us are the most dangerous enemy of ours.

To conclude, the American war against the Iraqi Muslim population should remind Muslims around the world that we should never trust the West and we should never trust the British Monarchy. They hate us. They are our enemies.

Sabri Lushi

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