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To all Muslims in the West: beware of the government

by Kukes Post
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Because the Government of Canada has a better reputation, this could be a reason for Muslims to be threatened more in Canada than in the USA or some other republics. The Government of Canada could have established a very highly organized system, which consists of Muslim spies, imams, judges, lawyers and other operatives, whose purpose is to arrest and attack Muslims, but everything is done so discreetly that the public will never know. In fact, the whole operation could be run so smoothly that even the victims – men who end up in prison for not having committed any crime except that they practice the religion of Islam, will never be aware of the fact that they have been the target of a highly organized governmental operation against them.

To all Muslims in the West, especially those who live in the communist country of Canada: beware of the government, beware of spies who could be among us, beware of the barbaric and unjust laws of Canada, beware of courts of law and judges. In Canada, judges are the most central part of the intelligence service. Never trust them. Beware that Canada is involved in a war against Muslims, but everything is done quietly and without much fuss.

Don’t trust the Government. Don’t trust the media. If you’re a victim and feel that things are going wrong, address the issue not legally, but politically. Don’t make the mistake to deal with the legal system and with the Canadian judges. They are corrupt and spies of the government. Address the issue politically. Accuse the government for standing behind. Know for a fact that the Government of Canada is much more involved in your problems than you think.

Also you should know that when this barbaric government arrests a Muslim for political reasons, you’ll never hear anything on the news. On the contrary, on the same you might hear how much the Government of Canada respects Muslims and how much it does for them. You might see the Prime Minister employing a Muslim in a high position, but don’t be deceived by such actions. This government and this system hates Muslims and they have clear agendas against Muslims. Just beware of them. Respect the law more than others. Be peaceful, but very vigilant.

And please share this message to as many Muslims as possible. This way the vicious plans of the Government of Canada could break down.

Sabri Lushi

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