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In order to destroy a community, in this case, Muslims, this can be done by getting rid of its scholars and students of knowledge and intellectuals. Once ignorance prevails, the community has no power. Its members can be ruled and exploited much easier.

This is exactly what the British Empire has done over the last century against Muslims. Once the Ottoman Empire was brought down, nothing could prevent the British Secularists to come up with a strategy against Muslim scholars and religious knowledge. Today, we can state with confidence that the British Empire has achieved this mission successfully. Not only is the number of scholars declining at a frightening pace, it is targeting even the current ones by oppressing and imprisoning them.

Scholars are the most praised people in Islam. The Quran praises them and elevates them at a special position. The Quran says, “He has also created people, beasts, and cattle of various colors. Only God’s knowledgeable servants fear Him. God is Majestic and All-pardoning.” [35:28]

The role of scholars in the Muslim community is the same as the role of prophets: they teach people. They guide the community. They have the scholarly tools to understand the circumstances and issue religious rulings. They see what masses cannot. They perceive what others cannot. They stand up for justice while others cannot. Scholars are the people who speak the truth in a time when others are afraid of doing so. They are the brain of the Muslim community.

So, it only makes sense for a foreign power, such as the British Empire, to target scholars before others. In my view, the British Secularist governments have followed different strategies to target scholars and scholarship.

First, by killing or forcing them into exile. Once the Ottoman Empire was defeated, the true war of the British Empire was focused on scholars, imams and students of knowledge.

Second, by restricting their financial support. Currently, it is very difficult for students of knowledge or scholars to have financial means to study or focus on knowledge. The British Empire cannot tolerate any financial freedom, especially for those who use it for the right cause.

Third, by encouraging or allowing only weak students, with low performance and low IQ, succeed and become supposedly scholars. This is a very well observable fact in Muslim lands. By and large, excellent students are not allowed to pursue religious knowledge. This is unnegotiable for the British Secularism.

Fourth, there is currently a massive campaign of the British Secularism and its appointed governments against scholars. Even countries such as Saudi Arabia, which used to support scholars more than others, are imprisoning them on orders from the US Government and the British Monarchy. It is a very sad reality. It is a matter of time when the enemies of Islam might start to crack down on madrasas and Islamic universities.

Sabri Lushi

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