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The worse type of Muslims are those who cooperate with the western governments

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The worse type of Muslims and the most dangerous ones are those who cooperate with the western governments, or Secularist governments in general, against other Muslims. Unfortunately, it is a well paid job nowadays, but treason has one destination: Hellfire.

No matter what justification they have, probably they are deceived by the western governments that they are contributing to the peace of the world, that they are fighting extremism, but the traitors know every well that they are doing this for money. Muslims should pay attention. They should not cooperate with the western governments against other Muslims in exchange for a job or money. That is the worse type of income. Do you want to feed your children with that money? You don’t want to risk your dignity, your future, and your hereafter, especially in this blessed month of Ramadan.

Don’t cooperate with Secularist governments against other Muslims. Have you forgotten that it is one of the highest crimes and sins to hurt another Muslim for no reason? It might be a well paid job for you, and you might receive some money and favors from the government, but you’re humiliating yourself, you’re compromising with the essence of your religion.

The Secular power is based on treason and paying money to people in order to hurt people and in order to betray people, but what goes around, comes around. Don’t be deceived by some political entities that have no respect for humans, that have no dignity. Secularist governments have based their political power on treason and divide and conquer, so watch out. Think twice before you accept a job from the government and before you accept to receive money from them.

Beware of the Secularist governments, which are founded by the British Empire around the world, whose role is to divide and conquer, control at any cost and use everything when it comes to political control, even treason and betrayal. Muslims should not cooperate secretly with such entities.

Sabri Lushi

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