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Defending yourself from the government?! I know that this seems like an oxymoron because conventionally the very role of a government is to protect us. Indeed, that is the case, but in the modern time a good portion of a government’s activity is focused on attacking and targeting its own citizens, and I am not talking here about obscure cases such as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, but I am referring here to the mainstream politics of the world.

First, we have to know that all governments around the world have been founded by the British Empire and continue to be controlled by the British Monarchy. This explains the reason why there is so much political uniformity. From China to the USA, Russia to the UK, Canada to Brazil, Iran to South Africa and so on and so forth, there is much in common, such as political parties, more or less the same political propaganda and the same media, republics as a political model, legal homogeneity – almost the same laws and the same judicial systems.

So, Secular governments are all the same; they act similarly and apply the same political model because all of them are part of the UN, which is founded by the British Empire, and all of them serve the same political power, i.e., the British Monarchy.

Therefore, the governments that rule us do not represent us the same way they claim. They represent the British Empire or the UN. They act as foreign entities, which are focused heavily on control and maintenance of power. Their main role is not how to make our lives better and how to develop our countries, but how to push ahead certain global political agendas of the British Empire and how to maintain the power.

For this reason, it is not a surprise at all to know that our governments are trained on how to attack their own people and, in my view, they are very well prepared to carry out this political activity.

The Secular governments that have been install by the British Monarchy operate covertly and informally more than overtly and formally. They don’t have to announce their attacks on citizens. They don’t have to send a secret agent to your door to interrogate you, to control you, to control your decisions, to affect your thoughts, to give you directions, to even push you break the law so you end up legally disadvantageous, to mislead you, or even to murder you.

The modern governments are trained to do all of the above informally and quietly because it is politically safer and it involves no responsibility. Instead of sending to you an officer, they will use a family member, a relative, in-laws, a friend, a co-worker, a medical doctor, an advisor, an employer, or whoever has access to you. The main point is that they should accomplish the mission, i.e., to target or attack you, without being noticed that it is the government behind it.

So, the first tip: keep in mind that British-founded governments attack people informally and secretly.

Sabri Lushi

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