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While the attack of the British and American mercenaries, regardless of their religion – Jewish or Secularism or atheism, does not surprise me at all, it is the reaction of Muslims which disheartens and disappoints me the most. We see the same reaction, the same herd mentality, the same naiveté, the same ignorance, and the same confusion.

Logically speaking, there is no reason for the Israeli government to risk its reputation by attacking a group of innocent worshippers out of the blue if it is an independent government. We don’t see any benefit that the Israeli government gets from such an attack while it has been repeating the same provocation over the last eighty years.

The reason is very simple. The world is not ruled by Israel, nor by Muslims. The world is ruled by the British Empire and the British Monarchy and the Clown Republic of the USA. All these countries that we see are merely lines drawn on the map by the British Empire. It is the British pagans the one who defeated Muslims and took control of their lands, not a handful Jews who during the WWII were slaughtered and burned alive by the Europeans – which means Jews were powerless.

The world today is ruled by the same British Empire, by the same barbarians. The world today is ruled by a Global Government, which holds the absolute political control. This global government does not permit to open a business or organize a rally in Albania, for example, without a confirmation for the British Global Government, let alone such brutal attacks in one of the most sacred lands of Muslims.

Therefore, any attack that takes place in Jerusalem against Muslims is ordered not by the Israeli Government, but by the British Global Government and the British Monarchy simply as a distraction. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is kept ongoing exactly for this purpose: to distract Muslims and threaten them if needs be, any time the finger is pointed at the British Monarchy.

However, I want to point out a simple fact. Those British and American mercenaries in Jerusalem, who attack Muslims any time the orders comes from London or Washington DC are not the worst people, nor are they the biggest enemies of Muslims.

Any Muslim whose activism is focused on changing Islam from inside, any Muslim journalist who mocks Islam indirectly, any Muslim who thinks that the British Secularism is better than Islam, any Muslim who mocks our scholars, any Muslim who works as a spy and secret agent for the CIA and other governments against Muslims is far worse and way more too dangerous than such mercenaries that we see hitting and beating innocent Muslims in Al-Aqsa.

Hypocrites, traitors, deceivers, liars, agents, and spies among our rows are the worst enemies of ours. We are not threatened by Israel more than we are threatened by agents who work undercover against us. We should get much more furious with those than with the British mercenaries in Jerusalem.

Sabri Lushi

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