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There is no doubt that the human society is going through one of the most difficult times of history, not because of lack of food, not because of natural catastrophes, not because agriculture has failed to produce enough food for us, not because the Sun is shining less, not because we live under a different sky, but because of a political despotism that has taken the entire world hostage.

We’re living in an unprecedented world. The access to logistical means, such as the mass media, technology, instant communication, mass surveillance, the demise of privacy, and the total control on people’s finances, has given modern governments virtually unlimited power and control over population.

In my view, the world has never seen a much more consolidated dictatorship and despotism and tyranny than what we are witnessing nowadays, in the West and in the East, not because those who lived before us were necessarily better and more compassionate, but because they didn’t have the logistics of our time.

What is making the whole situation worse is the moral degradation of the world. The British Global Government unfortunately has adopted Secularism as its official religion and political ideology. This ideology doesn’t subscribe to any moral values or transcendental principles. It is a hardcore pragmatist and materialist ideology. It values atheism and paganism while it considers Islam as the enemy number one.

Due to the political power that the British Global Government holds, it has managed to spread massively the British Secularism with all its branches and demonstrations, such as communism, democracy, socialism, Marxism, Leninism, fascism, Nazism, nationalism, liberalism, left wing, right wing, and terrorism.

In addition, the British Secularism considers family and the concept of tribe and clan as a big hindrance to its power, so it has invested heavily in the destruction of family and social ties among people. The fabric of society has been torn apart by the British Secularism and our modern governments, which are controlled by the British Monarchy.

This means that it is a very difficult time for people who subscribe to the values of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. This means that people who believe in God are losing political power. Believers and those who follow the traditional values are literally under imminent threat by the Secularist governments, by the British despotic and anti family laws, and by the corrupt courts of law.

Therefore, self-discipline is not simply a choice, but a necessity for survival. Self-discipline, knowledge, the nurture of soul and the acquire of divine wisdom are among the most important factors which can help us to resist this degradation and political despotism. In this regard, Ramadan provides the best recipe for all of the above. Ramadan is the month of piety, and that’s what we need in this difficult time.

Sabri Lushi

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