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WHY IS International Court of Justice (ICJ) FAILING TO ARREST WAR CRIMINALS?!

by Kukes Post
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In 2003, the President of the USA, George W. Bush, and the UK Prime Minister, Sir. Tony Blair, gave the order to deploy the American army and her Majesty’s army in Iraq as part of a routine military operation of the British Empire and its lap dog, i.e., the US Clown Republic, against Muslims. Since the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the Muslim Ummah has been under permanent military attacks.

The UK and American war in Iraq in 2003 was not an invasion, as mistakenly many ignorant Muslims refer to. Iraq has been invaded since 1910s. It has not been an independent country ever since. The war of 2003 was a common military operation to kill children and women, get rid of potential political voices, as well as such operations serve as a good opportunity for the US, British and Canadian soldiers to learn to shoot people in real life. Such military activities are used as training opportunities because Muslims should be wiped out anyway, according to the British Empire.

George W. Bush and Tony Blair knew very well that Saddam Hussain, who after all was a British agent, did not have the capacity and the political freedom to develop weapons of mass destruction (WMD). They knew that they were lying; however, claiming that Iraq was independent in the first place is a bigger lie, and that’s what they wanted to convey to the people, that Iraq was a free country and that Saddam Hussain was not an agent.

Officially speaking, George W. Bush and Tony Blair lied to the American and British people, as well as they lied to the world. They breached the international law. Their vicious decision caused the death of millions of children and women and other innocent people. Iraq was destroyed. Millions of Muslim Iraqis ended up as war refugees on the streets of the US, Canada and the UK.

In short, George W. Bush and Tony Blair committed war crimes. According to the international law, the persons named George W. Bush and Tony Blair should be arrested, prosecuted by the ICJ, and then given sever punishment.

Why isn’t ICJ doing that?

It is very simple. First, the ICJ was created by the British Empire in order to serve its interests, not to prosecute its soldiers. Second, according to the British Secularism, the persons with the name George W. Bush and Sr. Tony Blair are not responsible for the war crimes in Iraq because the decision was made by their offices, by their desks. Under the British Secularism, the power does not belong to individuals, but to the institutions.

This is exactly how the British Monarchy mocks the entire world with this devilish system, which is based on deception and lies, that supposedly individuals have no responsibility. That’s why I genuinely believe that the British Secularism should be considered a global disease.

Sabri Lushi

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