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Tragically, a 13 year old Serbian murdered yesterday eight school children and a security guard. This was probably the first case of a mass shooting in a Serbian school. Definitely, not only has this heinous crime shocked the Serbian public, but it raises some serious questions in the whole Balkan region, as we share the same culture more or less. What happened in Serbia could happen in Greece, Albania and other Balkan countries, which are not known for this phenomenon.

One of the Serbian politicians blamed politically the ‘western values’ for this horrible crime. Definitely, this shows that the Serbian public is shocked and many people are raising serious questions about the crime, so the Minster maybe is trying to quell the anger by relating it to the West.

Speaking of the West, I certainly agree that the investigation should not exclude any possibility. It is a serious crime and it requires a serious investigation.

In my view, the prosecution should first and foremost look at the possibility of the CIA being involved in this crime. It is hard to believe that a young teenager could have undertaken such an operation on his own. No young child has possibly accumulated so much anger, yet very mature in organizing the crime, in order to kill eight children.

It was so pathetic to hear some westerners citing as a possible reason for having pushed this teenagers to commit this heinous crime the bad performance in his exams.

This case should not be treated as a normal crime, nor should it be interpreted as the consequence of mental disorder. The Serbian public deserves to know if the CIA is involved in this case; they deserve to know if the Serbian government itself has cooperated with the CIA to come up with this crime, perhaps for political reasons which we might not be able to understand right now.

Make no mistake, it is hard to believe that such crimes are merely the result of the craziness of a young boy. In my view, this could be a case where politics is involved. Therefore, the Serbian authorities should conduct a diligent investigation as well as they should clarify is the CIA is involved.

Unfortunately, the CIA is well known for its negative and destructive role. This corrupt organization is responsible for horrible crimes in the world. It is restricted by no moral principles. If feeds on blood and murder. It spares no one when it comes to political noise.

To conclude, the Serbian authorities should and must clarify the Serbian people about this horrible crime. While everything could have been organized by the CIA and the US Government – the most destructive organizations in the world, the case requires an honest, transparent, and serious investigation. The Serbian Government should stop with it political rhetoric and blaming the ‘western values,’ but it should first clarify if the CIA is involved.

Sabri Lushi

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