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Due to their political and geographical position within the Ottoman Empire, Albanians had to interact and deal with the British Empire perhaps more than others as our empire was the main target of the latter. Nevertheless, what the British Secularists did in Albania is part of a larger political strategy of deception that the British pagans applied everywhere. The same took place in Russia, China, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North and South America, and in India. The British Secularists lied, deceived, made false promises, cheated, betrayed, backstabbed, fabricated, fooled, and divided and conquered.

First, the British pagans and their agents promised to Albanians that the British Secularist Rule was going to be better for them. In reality, Albanians soon were transformed from an imperial nation into the slaves of Europe. They were betrayed, killed, persecuted, thousands of them were forced to leave the country – including my grand grandfather, and they were split into four or five small countries in the Balkans.

Second, the monarchic regime of Ahmed Zogu that was put in power by the British Empire continued the killing and persecution of the Muslim Albanians, stole their gold, destroyed the economy, and just before the Italian occupation of 1939, he abandoned the country.

Third, the communist regime of Enver Hoxha, which was put in power by the British Empire, consolidated his power by promising golden spoons, justice, and freedom. Once he stole people’s money, confiscated their land and businesses, he showed to Albanians his middle finger. The political and economic situation reached a historical low. In 1990 when the regime came to an end, Albanians had become already the zombies of Europe.

Fourth, the other CIA governments of post communism followed in the footsteps of their predecessors. The CIA regimes never returned the land to the previous owners. Then, they stole all our money through Ponzi schemes, and in 1997 the CIA government started the civil war.

The same story continues: lies, deception, immorality, theft of natural resources and hydropower, oppression and espionage, rape and prostitution, forcing people into immigration and lack of political responsibility. Such Secularist governments do not reflect our culture. They represent the British occupation. They work on behalf of the British Monarchy.

In my view, what the British pagans did in Albania is what they did everywhere. They lied, deceived, betrayed and stole land and properties. They continue to lie, deceive, betray and steal land and properties. The British Secularists are liars, immoral, godless people, and allegiant to no moral principles. They are destroying the world, that’s why they should never be trusted on anything, be it the US Government, the CIA, the UN, democracy, communism, or whatever they call themselves. They steal and exploit.

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