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Every civilization has its objectives and revolves around a certain philosophy and values. It has its own political model, strategies of power, methodologies of ruling, and its political priorities.

The religion of Islam, for example, not only does it not conceal its objectives, but it actually defines and clarifies them beyond doubt. Thus, it aims to bring people to God – the Creator, and to preserve or save human beings in the broadest sense of the word. Judaism and Christianity aim the same thing, even though there might be differences in the details.

In this regard, the Islamic law stems from the principle of preservation of human beings – preservation of life, property, family, lineage, mental health, and the faith in God. So, Islam’s objectives and its laws aim to protect people. Protection and preservation are central in Islam. The Qur’an underlines this fact, “Surely this Quran guides to what is most upright, and gives good news to the believers—who do good—that they will have a mighty reward.” Definitely, preserving the brain, property, family, lineage, the faith in God, and the health of a person is part of the mighty reward if only people follow the teachings of Islam.

The British Secularism, on the other hand, which includes the hardcore capitalism and materialism, the extremist communism, and the unfettered liberalism – as manifestations of the same political and ideological system that dominates today the world, comes from a completely different perspective in comparison with Islam.

The motivation and the rationale of the British Secularism, its laws and politics, its cultural demonstration and the philosophical mindset is control. Islam and the British Secularism could converge on certain objectives and their achievement, but the motivation is different. For example, the latter applies punishments, including corporal and mental, but its intention is only control, not as a measure of protection and preservation. Control is necessary, but Secularism makes it central.

The British Secularism is highly sophisticated when it comes to political control. The whole body of modern Secularist laws, the economic system, the educational system, social institutions such as marriage and family, ceremonies such as wedding parties and funerals, are considered as a great opportunity of control. The British Secularism looks at everything from the perspective of control and how to utilizing it as a mechanism of political control, including the most sacred things, such as child-parent relations and marriage. Even when it comes to religion within the modern British Empire, it is allowed only as much as it serves the process of political control.

That’s why the British Empire has given rise to one of the worst dictators of human history and the most oppressive regimes.

To conclude, the five C-s of the British Secularism are: control, control, control, control, and control.

Sabri Lushi

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