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As we all know, the essence of the British Secularism is the division of economy, politics, religion, ideology, laws, family, and military supposedly into discrete entities or separate domains under the slogan: separation of state from religion or the oft-repeated convenient lie: Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God. This strategy has benefited the British Empire enormously. Not only did it deceive millions of Muslims and exploit millions of other traitors by the magic of this lie, but the Evil Empire today rules the entire world while the British Secularism is the official religion of the empire.

Muslims, on the other hand, in the West and in the East, famous or not, preachers or seemingly scholars, try to justify this British lie with religious evidence. “Islam calls to pure monotheism,” they argue; or “we don’t deal with politics,” “mind your own business,” “religion has nothing to do with politics,” and things like this.

Indeed, the main objective of Islam is to call humanity to the worship of one god alone, the Creator or the God, and submit to His will in order to be successful in this life and in the hereafter. This is the message of all prophets. However, this message is addressed to people – to you and me. In this regard, people need to live, they need property, jobs, freedom, family, land, business transactions; in short, people need access to natural resources in order to live. Without access to natural resources, what kind of religion are we talking about?

Therefore, people need religion to organize their lives, but they need economy, too. Ideology, economy, politics and religion are not separable. That’s a British deception. They’ve told us: “let me control the money and the economy, you keep your religion, if possible keep it inside your homes.” Bravo! They are absolutely smart; we Muslims are stupid and ignorant that a bunch of pagans have deceived us.

Today Muslims have no power, no economy, no military, no legal protection, no intrinsic access to natural resources. All such powers are held by the British appointed Secularist governments and their spies. They control money and jobs.

We Muslims today have to beg western terrorists to survive, to live, if they are merciful enough to allow us. Our children are hostages of their terrorist judges. Our families fall under the domain of the British Secularism. And they tell us: religion is allowed in the West, “Eid Mubarak,” they even say to us.

Worshipping God cannot be achieved without economy and power. They go hand in hand. We should teach our children and the community that without economy, family, money, power, and even military, we are on the verge of total annihilation at the hands of pagans and liars. We don’t need their “Eid Mubarak;” we need access to the economy, which is used by them as a weapon to force us abandon our religion. This is the bitter truth.

Economy is a weapon.

Sabri Lushi

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