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If you want to become a professor at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, a science researcher, a famous engineer, a medical doctor, or pursuing any other career that might guarantee you fame and money, that’s possible; even if you want to be appointed as the CEO of some tech giants, that’s within reach; the British Secularism will support you on that.

If you want to become a scholar of the religion of Islam, you’ve chosen an almost impossible path, much more difficult than the above mentioned careers. By its very nature, becoming a Muslim scholar requires much effort, ambition, determination and conviction. It has never been easy; however, under the British Secularism it is near impossible. It is not a domain that the British Empire has overlooked. Quite the contrary, Secularists consider the Islamic knowledge as the greatest threat to their unjust, oppressive, and exploitive political system.

From its very beginning, the rise of the British Empire has had one major obstacle to its agenda to control the world in the most absolute sense, and that obstacle has been and is Islam. Even though the British Empire rules the world, still Islam remains a threat to the Secularist tyranny.

Therefore, the project of the British Empire to wipe Islam out is not a secret at all. The fact that the majority of the wars over the last century have been waged against Muslims, that fact that the Muslim world is split into some sixty countries, the fact that Muslims have been vilified and stigmatized constantly on the media, the fact that the biggest American military bases and its intelligence service are stationed in Muslim countries, the fact that there is multi-billion dollar propaganda industry dedicated against Muslims, all of these indicate a clear project of the British Empire to wipe Islam out.

Speaking of the agenda of the British Secularism to destroy Islam, one of the most important strategies that our enemies are using is by focusing the war against Islam on Muslim scholars, the independent knowledge centers, and everyone who want to pursue the path of the Islamic knowledge.

For this reason, our enemies today will not allow anyone be admitted to any Islamic university without their approval. While the current scholars are facing persecution and imprisonment, the US Government and the British Empire are making sure that no new scholars will emerge. It is a very sad reality how far their barbaric control has gone and how vicious they are. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has actually prophetized the time when Muslim scholars disappear, as a sign of the approach of the Hour.

In the end, this shows the value of Islamic knowledge, indeed. Otherwise, our enemies would not spend billions of dollars to wipe Islam out, but they will not manage to do so despite their evil plans.

“They plan, but Allah also plans. And Allah is the best of planners.” [8:30]

Sabri Lushi

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