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Have you ever heard of enemies, especially enemies of Muslims, as they represent the real opposition to the British Empire? Have you ever heard of Russia being a threat to the world? What about Iran, Israel, Serbia, France, ISIS, Rothchild family, Zionists, UFOs, China, Jews, the bankers, Wall Street, the military complex, they, the owners, CEOs? You must have heard of such entities.

Even with regard to the colonial genocides in Africa, you might have heard of Leopold II of Belgium and the crimes of France in Algeria, as well as the massacres of Benito Mussolini in Libya and Ethiopia.

What about the British Empire or the British Monarchy or the US Government? Have you ever heard of them being mentioned as enemies? Have you ever seen them take the responsibility for anything, any crime, any occupation, any genocide or the killing of women and children?

Certainly you have heard nothing of this kind while I am absolutely certain that you have heard of the intellectuals and scientists of the British Empire, such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, William Shakespeare, John Locke, John Stuart Mill, Adam Smith, David Hume, David Ricardo etc.

You also have heard of the holy mission of the British Empire for civilizing backward nations, “killing the Indian in the child” as the only way to civilize the savages, distributing bibles in exchange of natural resources and land as the savages didn’t know what to do with their precious properties.

Last but not least, you probably might have heard of the holy mission of the US Government, killing women and children in the name of peace, stealing natural resources in the name of democracy, destroying countries and nations in the name of the international law. America is trying to spread democracy and peace by dropping bombs, killing children, destroying cities, spending billions of dollars on the military, and vilifying Islam and Muslims in order to keep America safe from the bayonets of Taliban who are marching on horses and mules towards Washington DC, but of course you’ll hear in the news that the enemy is not the British Monarchy, nor it is the US Government; the enemy is Serbia, Iran, France, Russia, China, Zionists, UFOs, Jews, extremist Muslims, radicals, the CEOs.

It is very simple: you’ll never hear of the British Empire and the US Government being the enemies because they control all the media and they are in reality the true enemies, but they have the power, so no one dares points the finger at such criminal and terrorist entities. You will only hear good things about them because they control the entire world de facto and de jury. They control France, Russia, China or whatever and whoever they list as an enemy.

The US Government and the British Empire are the biggest enemies of Muslims and the entire humanity. They are a serious threat to the very existence of human civilization.

Sabri Lushi

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