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The British Secularism and its barbaric laws are not superior to Islam

by Kukes Post
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The British Secularism and its barbaric laws are not superior to Islam whatsoever. The power of this corrupt political and economic system doesn’t stem from the fact that its laws or ideology are special or better accepted by humanity.

The power of the British Secularism comes from the absolute control on natural resources, the monopolies, money, banks, jobs, companies, and businesses. The British governments around the world are highly indoctrinated and politically motivated. They use all their control to spread by force their barbaric ideology.

In order to have a job under Secularism, such as in the communist country of Canada or in any other British controlled country, which is the entire world, one has to pay homage to the British Secularism and they have to guarantee the Secularists that the income coming from that job should be used to spread the corrupt Secularism.

This is the reason why there’s so much poverty and injustice in the world. This is why there’s enormous concentration of wealth in the hands of a few British spies. The world’s economy has never been controlled more than now.

There’s no doubt that the British Secularism is barbaric, immoral and unjust. Its main target are Muslims, who over all face the biggest pressure of this system.

However, this shows that the British Secularism is an inferior system from a moral and philosophical stand point. It’s weak and corrupt. It’s afraid to compete in a fair race. Had it not been for its control of the economy and the global financial system, no one would follow the British Secularism.

Muslims around the world must be aware that the British Secularism and all Secularist governments are against them. We can never trust Secularists. They are our enemies. They are immoral. They are liars. They are criminal in suits.

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