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What made Albanians a distinguished people of Europe, especially after the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution – which led to the rapid rise of the British Empire, is not their skin color, language, body construct or something related to biology, for they were no different from other European people in this regard.

I don’t believe that the Rising British Empire of the 19th and the 20th centuries had a special consideration or animosity for the Albanian people because of their skin color or language – which after all was a vernacular language, which was not used to store some special knowledge. None of this is true even though it is politically convenient for British historians or their agents in Albania to affirm this.

There is no doubt that what made Albanians distinguished from other people of Europe, what made them be on the British Empire’s radar, what made them confronted and the target of the White Man’s continent was none other than the religion of Islam. Albanians were predominantly a European Muslim nation, as well as they were part of one of the most important empire of human history, that is, the Muslim Caliphate.

On the other hand, the agenda of particularly the western Europe has been for centuries to block the religion of Islam from settling in the continent. In fact, I would argue that the biggest enemies of Islam have always been Europeans or the descendants of the Roman Empire. It is true that Genghis Khan and his Mongol Empire caused irreparable damage to the Islamic Civilization, but that was almost an exception, a divine punishment of God against the mistakes of Muslims; it was not an ideological war because soon the Mongol people and the grandchildren of Genghis Khan embraced Islam.

It is only the Europeans that have maintained a consistent and organized war against Islam and Muslims, which was demonstrated at its highest level during the medieval crusades.

So, Albanians and the British Empire have been and continue to be foes, not friends regardless of the British propaganda and lies. Believing, for example, that NATO – the de facto British Empire’s army, bombed Milosevic in order to save Albanians – the old enemy, is preposterous and a lie.

The British Empire and its European puppet states continue to be the biggest enemies of the Albanian people, who are predominantly Muslim. Europe is the archenemy of Islam and Muslims, so we should not fool ourselves. Muslims in Bosnia, Albania, Greece, Kosovo etc. were not killed by crazy dictators – who some of them were even members of the British Monarchy, but by the British Empire’s agents.

Albanians need to know this fact. We should never trust the British liars, those who killed and murdered our ancestors over the last century. It was not our vernacular language which made us special, but the religion of Islam – the religion of justice and peace and tolerance, not the British religion of crusades and communism.

Sabri Lushi

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