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Saying that America is the friend of Kosovo, this is very misleading. There is no single reason to believe that the British Empire and its lapdog, i.e. the US Government, have become the allies of a Muslim population in Europe while the agenda of not only the British Evil Empire, but the entire Europe, to expel the last Muslim from the continent has been a top political priority for centuries.

This is just a pure fact. Kosovo is a Muslim population. Why would the US Government help them or save them from Milosevic? It doesn’t add up. I understand that politicians have to use certain vocabulary; for example, when they kill women and children in Iraq, they have to say that they’re doing this in the name of peace. This is how the American politics works. It’s all lies. We know that. However, the general populace should call things for what they are. The US Government had no political reason to save Kosovo from Milosevic.

In addition, Serbia and Greece have been historically founded and ruled by relatives and family members of the British Monarchy. In this regard, the Serbian and Greek Government, not necessarily the people, have always been the biggest allies of the British Empire against the Ottoman Empire while Albanians were the biggest hindrance to the British expansion in the Balkans. The political rivalry and political animosity between Albanians and the British Empire is an obvious historical fact. Telling us that somehow things changed 180 degrees, that the British Empire and the US Government are favoring the Muslim Albanian people to the old Serbian allies is not simply a lie, but it’s cynical and immoral.

Moreover, what Milosevic did in the Balkans, by slaughtering and killing Muslims in Bosnia with the help of the UN, and then in Kosovo in 1999, this is compatible with the British agenda to wipe Islam out in Europe. This is a very old agenda. Milosevic acted in accordance with the British plan. He was helped and reinforced by America. He was a dear friend of the British Monarchy and the US Government. He was a top spy of the US Government in the Balkans.

Of course, we would not expect the US Government to take responsibility of the genocides of Milosevic against Muslims. They’re not stupid. Nevertheless, the facts are clear. America is the old enemy of Muslims, especially Muslim Albanians. Everytime Kosovar people speak up against the American lie, the US Government activates its spies in Kosovo and Serbia to encite problems.

America and the British Empire should stop oppressing Albanians. America is a friend of Milosevic and the likes; it’s not the friend of the Albanian people. America is the enemy of people, the sponsor of genocides and terrorism.

It’s enough to mention the defeat and humiliation of the British army in Egypt by the Albanian general Muhammad Ali Pasha at the beginning of the 19th century to know why the US Government cannot be a friend of Albanians.

Sabri Lushi

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