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To the surprise of many, the Canadian Government is corrupt and immoral regardless of its fake and deceptive image. In fact, I would even go further, it is one of the most corrupt, immoral, genocidal and abusive governments in the world.

First, the Government of Canada is a spy entity. There are two main branches of the state. It is the formal one: the courts, the legislative and the executive branches, the administration, and police service etc. The role of this formal side is simply to portray a good and deceptive image while the other side of the state is the intelligence service and the espionage.

The most important part of the state is the second one. Everything is controlled informally, secretly and behind the scenes by the intelligence service. The Canadian Government relies heavily on espionage in order to control people.

Second, all the economy and jobs are controlled by the intelligence service of the Canada, whose role is not to guarantee the safety of people, but to control them, to attack whoever is considered or deemed an intellectual enemy.

The corrupt and immoral Government of Canada uses workplaces and jobs to control people, to affect them, to influence them and their life decisions, to control their families, to ruin the lives of ‘the state enemies,’ or ‘class enemies’ as the terrorist regime of Stalin used to consider them.

The corrupt and immoral Government of Canada uses the workplaces – the dens of spies, and jobs to control people politically and oppress them. That’s why Canada in truth is a tyrannical and despotic and abusive country.

Third, Canada has corrupt courts of law. In this country, judges are spies and agents of the state; they are not merely legal professionals, who are expected to enjoy high moral values and integrity; rather, they are very well trained agents, whose primary role is to protect the ruling elite and to oppress whoever can be perceived a political threat by the corrupt elite.

Fourth, Canada has corrupt and abusive laws, which are designed not to provide justice, but to oppress and abuse people. The Canadian laws are the symbol and the embodiment of tyranny, paganism, and oppression.

In short, Canada is corrupt, immoral, abusive, with a genocidal past, which is ruled by vicious and terrorist-sympathizer politicians. Canada is founded upon corruption and the blood of innocent children. Canada is the graveyard of immigrants, who are brought to this corrupt and spy country to be isolated and controlled and whose lives to be ruined.

The solution:

I wholeheartedly thank God for having sent down the Qur’an and having revealed the truth, in which there is the light, the guidance, the salvation, the path of the blessed ones, the spiritual happiness, and the wisdom. Immoral and corrupt pagans, such as the Government of Canada, never change. They are barbarians.

Sabri Lushi


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