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Being ruled by a very old dynasty and coming into existence and growing as a result of perhaps change more than a common-sense and logical development, the British Empire has reached the pinnacle of its political power, by ruling the entire world, yet the decadence and the degradation of this very empire is conspicuous while it holds upon its shoulders a great amount of sins and evil.

The British Empire, as the historians of civilizations point out, appeared from the outskirts of the civilization. It could have been the Back Death, the retreat of the Islamic civilization, the decadence of European kingdoms, or the corruption and the decadence of the Catholic Church, it seems that the turn for the British people to rule the world was theirs, most probably undeservedly given all this degradation that we are currently witnessing in the world.

The British Empire is responsible for the death of millions and billions of human beings. The theft of millions of African people and shipped to North American to work as slaves while millions of others were thrown in the Atlantic ocean – one of the most horrible tragedies of human history, the killing and murder of millions of indigenous people in North America, WWI and WWII, the death of millions of people killed by British communist regimes in Russia, China, Cambodia, and Africa, the death of millions of people who died from massacres, ethnic cleansing, brutal occupations, and terrorist attacks in the 20th century, all of this brutality, terrorism and barbarism is primarily on the shoulders of the British Empire, including the US Government and the British Monarchy.

The British Empire is also guilty of destroying the fabric of human society. Out of its narrow-mindedness to rule at any cost and to cling to power by using any means possible – the most pragmatist and Machiavellian ways, the British Empire has turned human society into zombies.

The British Empire is responsible for the spread of all this atheism, moral corruption, banality, wide-spread culture of lies, deception, extreme materialism, destruction of family, and loss of human dignity.

Following in the footsteps of other corrupt and barbaric empire before, the British Empire has reached the last stage, which consists of delusion, arrogance, fear, sick pragmatism, and above all, by declaring war on God.

Because of its large power, by ruling the entire world, by controlling all governments around the world, and being challenged by no opposition or independent country, the corrupt political elite has become the worst enemy of this empire whose end will be at the hands of such imposters.

As an old sinful man, who fears the divine punishment, the British Rule is getting out of control. It is running out of lies as people are listening to the same lies over and over again. The Empire is in agony.


Sabri Lushi

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