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There is no doubt that terrorism is one of the most flourishing and most important industries. Even though it is illegal and officially banned, it has become a very lucrative business. Countries are making money out of terrorism. Wars are being waged. People are being killed. Weapons are being manufactured. Big international decisions are being made. Therefore, it is only fair to know the basics of terrorism, how terrorist organizations are formed, the requirements, who has the capacity, who controls the market, and who benefits from it.

In order to understand terrorism, one has to and must understand how politics works, how much control our governments have, and how the British Empire and the US Government control the entire world as a single country, including Russia, China and other less important countries.

At a certain point in time, I’ve seriously considered the idea of forming a political party back in Albania in order to address the discrimination of Muslims and here in the corrupt country of Canada in order to address the decadence and the corruption of the courts of law.

By even circulating independently the idea of forming a legal and legitimate political party or a political movement, or even starting a completely independent business in order to secure an income to feed the family independently, these very ideas are enough to raise the political alarm in Washington DC and in London.

It is this very moment when one learns the bitter truth that the world functions underground as a single government – all the political confrontations between countries are just a facade and a lie. It is this moment when one realizes that the world is controlled with an iron fist by the American and British barbarians. It is this moment when one realizes that democracy is a total lie and that America is the symbol of tyranny and barbarism.

In addition, everything a terrorist organization needs to exist and operate is strictly controlled by London and Washington DC: the media, money, intelligence service, the military logistics, weapons, and as well as the ideology.

There is no single family in the world that the CIA does not have somehow access to. Its control is beyond imagination.

As a result, I’ve reached the conclusion that terrorism has been invented by the British Empire and it is a business strictly run by the CIA. There is no single terrorist organization in the world that it is not formed, funded, and supported by the CIA.

In fact, if a terrorist organization is formed independently of the CIA, we would not have the chance to even hear its name on TV, and it will be wiped out before long. They would not risk by advertising the name of an independent terrorist organization by articulating its name. That’s a big time NO.

In conclusion, terrorism has one name: the CIA, and one origin: the British Empire. It is these terrorists and such barbarians who do terrorism, who terrorize, and benefit by terrorism.

Sabri Lushi


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